Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Average Delivery Times for Unlock Codes

How long will it take for me to get my unlock code? offers the fastest delivery time as we are dealing in most of the cases directly with the manufacture.

At our main priority is to have your phone unlocked. If you have not received your unlock code within the time indicated below, we might be submitting your phone details into an alternative tool as your device IMEI number may have been blocked by the carrier or network.  Please allow some additional time for the IMEI number to be processed through our alternative tool.  Our automated system will come back to you with the outcome.

NOTE: If the timeframe has Not exceeded the average turnaround time please DO NOT contact us asking for your order, as we are working to get the unlock code for you as soon as possible. Our system is automated and will send you a unique unlock code as soon as it’s ready.

Please keep in mind that these are average processing times.  We will always do our best to reply or send the unlocking code for you as soon as possible.  If your order has taken longer than our listed delivery times, feel free to contact us and we will give you a status update. You can also check the status of your order.

There are no refunds if the time has exceeded the average time, as these are just average. Refunds are only issued if we are unable to find the unlock code for your device or upon video evidence the code we provided didn’t work on your device.

Note: If you received a “Delayed” E-Mail from us, it means we are trying an alternative unlocking tool for you, please allow some additional time for us to deliver your order. 

Unlock code delivery times:

Blackberry Unlocking Instant – 15 minutes
HTC Unlocking  5 minutes – 3 hours

Samsung Unlocking 1 – 5 Business days
LG Unlocking 5 minutes – 2 hours
ZTE Unlocking 5 minutes – 24 hours

iPhone Unlocking 24 hours - 19 days
Huawei Unlocking 3 - 7 Days
Sony Unlocking 3 - 9 days
Pantech Unlocking 5 min - 2 hrs
Nokia Unlocking 7 - 15 days
Motorola Unlocking
  1 - 3 days

Alcatel Unlocking 1 - 3 days
Doro Unlocking 1 - 12 hrs

IMPORTANT: These delivery times above are general and show the maximum and minimum it could take. For specific delivery times go to your model page (i.e. Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5) and choose the carrier network your phone is locked to.

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