Monday, 2 December 2013

How to know if my Sony Phone Network is Fully Unlocked or Hardlocked

Make sure that you check if your Sony Xperia has enough attempts to enter the code, otherwise the correct unlock code WON'T work. Keep also in mind that there are no refunds if you purchase a code when your phone is hardlocked. Please TRIPLE check before ordering!

To check if your Sony phone is Unlocked or Hardlocked

1. With a Non accepted SIM card start up the phone.

2. Type in the following sequence from the lock menu on your Sony Ericsson X10, X10i, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, or X8 device:

Menu -> Back -> Back -> Menu -> Back -> Menu -> Menu ->Back  

(If this doesn’t work, dial: *#*#7378423#*#* )

3. Select Service Menu -> SIM Lock

You will see a menu:


[X] Network 10 

[ ] Network Subset 10
[ ] Service Provider 10
[ ] Corporate 10
[ ] Sim 0

If it shows [ ] rather than [x] for all the boxes above, it means your phone is fully unlocked.

If it shows [X] Network 10, it means that your phone is locked and you have 10 attempts to enter the code.

If it shows [X] Network 0, it means your phone is hardlocked and you have 0 attempts to enter the code. You can only unlock your phone via Xperia Unlock Software in this case.

Remember, the best way to find out whether your phone is locked or unlocked is by power it on with a non accepted SIM card, and see if you can make a call with it.

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