Monday, 28 April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 is Now in the UK - Free Unlock Code for your S5

Factory Unlock Code for Samsung Galaxy S5 Any UK Network

Samsung Galaxy S5 is Now Released in the UK. The Galaxy S2 was the very first Android smart phone that becomes the dangerous competitor for iPhone. And we love Galaxy S3 and S4, so we can say that Samsung Galaxy S5 is a big crucial one, and now we finally meet this incredible gadget.

We had been expecting the release of the phone in March, but our long waiting was paid on 11th April. One thing for sure is that now we can get this phone at our hands without any hassle.

So, what's the Galaxy S5 like? It was rumored that this phone will sport metallic design. But seems like it was beaten since there are 4 shimmery colours we can choose: Copper Gold, Electric Blue, Charcoal Black, and Shimmer White. One of the new features that is stunning is the all-new Finger Scanner that will enable secure mobile payments. It also allows the user to access “Private Mode” that no one else will be able to do it.

The official price for Galaxy S5 is £579 but as usual you can get cheaper offer from some big name retailers like VODAFONE, THREE, EE, O2, and VIRGIN MOBILE. If you are looking for Galaxy S5 with the special offers, then you need to check this.

Best deals on THREE: You can get Galaxy S5 4G at no extra cost, no roaming charges in 11 destinations. Before choosing the 24 month price plans, you just need to pay an upfront fee of £69.

Best deals on VODAFONE: It has been confirmed that you can get copper gold in Vodafone. Besides, you can get black, white, blue and gold Galaxy S5. They are available now. You can choose either £47 a month deal, or pay upfront payment of £169 and pay just £34 a month.

Best deals on O2: If you are looking for black or white Galaxy S5, then this place is right for you. You can set your budget to pay £48 a month. Cheaper than Vodafone offer, you will just have to pay £69 up front and pay £38 as monthly payment.

Best deals on EE: You will be able to purchase Galaxy S5 on its 4G network. However, you may get it from T-Mobile or Orange. Those are owned by EE, thus you would get the same offers. Pay upfront payment of £439.99 you will pay £13.99 a month.

Best deals on Virgin Media: With £99 up-front payment, you can get your Galaxy S5 by paying from £29 a month. But you are eligible to get this offer if you have Virgin Media products at your house. If you are using other services then you need to pay £39 a month with the same upfront payment cost. is already offering an exclusive video promotion where you can get your Unlock Code for your Galaxy S5 for FREE.

(Promotion Available to any Country and any Network)

Place your order for your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlock code and contact us to let us know you are participating in the promotion by emailing

Please clearly film your phone:

1. pressing *#06#
2. entering the unlock code received by email and code being accepted
by the phone
3. the new network signal being shown on your device indicating the
phone has been unlocked

*Please upload the video to or and reply directly back to this email with link of your Youtube or Vimeo video.

You will then receive a full refund from your purchase!

We will be doing this for the first 20 people who participate, this offer will be going fast!

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