Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Instant Unlock code for HTC Desire 816

Factory Unlock Code for HTC Desire 816

For a long time, one could judge the class (low-cost, mid-range, high-end) an Android phone belonged to based solely on the size of the device. The bigger the size, the higher the device was ranked, which ultimately played to higher pricing. That has changed over the recent past, with more manufacturers coming up with devices of the phablet standard that lie in the mid-range level of devices, as the HTC Desire 816 does.

Touted as a “mid-range” phone by HTC, the phone manages to offer features that are worth its $400-range price tag. There is the generous screen size of 5.5 inches, which is powered by a quad-core processor. The camera offers an impressive 13MP, and the phone borrows some features from the HTC One, notably the Sense 6.0 interface and the BoomSound speakers on the front.

The design of the 816 is simplistic, featuring easy curves that accentuate the flat backside. The phone is sturdy to the feel, and the grip comfortable, thanks to the matte finish. The phone is quite big, and will definitely show on the side of your jeans’ pockets. You can’t operate the phone with one hand either, unless you want to constantly pick it up from off the street or floor.

The rather generous display is a plus, and a resolution of 720x1280 pixels is suitable for viewing high quality content. The quad-core processor can support gaming, even 3D action, but performance drops off with games/apps that require heavy graphics.

A microSD card slot is availed to help you upgrade on the 8GB storage space provided.

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