Sunday, 10 August 2014

Does UnlockCode4U unlock blacklisted phones?

IMEI Checker - Find out if your phone has been blacklisted, due to losing your phone, lack of payment or phone theft.

Unlocking a phone with UnlockCode4U implies that you will use it with any service provider, no strings attached.

It is a good incentive to optimize your expenses when you choose the company that is most convenient for you. 

However, you must remember that if your phone has something pending with the original network provider, you will need to resolve the issue with them so that your phone is working once you unlock it.

Unlocking through UnlockCode4U does not eliminate this type of IMEI block. Additionally, this blocking can be activated by the original carrier in case of losing the phone, lack of payment or phone theft.

This IMEI block is an additional security mechanism. It is only removed when the original owner of the phone clears the situation with the phone company.

A common sign of IMEI blockage is that your phone allows you to navigate the internet and send SMS, but does not allow you to make phone calls. In some other cases the phone will only be useful with WIFI.

So does UnlockCode4U unlock your blacklisted phones or not?

Yes, but it does not eliminate the IMEI block. The phone will be unlocked to be used with any network but it is imperative that you speak with the original network provider, that you pay any pending balance, or that you resolve the phone loss/theft situation.

When you eliminate this IMEI block the phone will work permanently and will remain unlocked.

UnlockCode4U is a transparent and secure company whose object is to improve the user experience with everything related to mobile phones.

For this reason, we try to keep you updated with everything relevant, on top of taking care of your phone’s health.

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