Monday, 4 August 2014

USA is about to legalizes Cellphone Unlocking Again

There are things missing in the United States, and without a doubt one of them is a law that regulates and legalizes cell phones unlocking. Although it seems as though it won’t be long before such legislation gets here.

The law known as Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act is about to take effect after being approved by the United States’ congress. It was successful in the Senate and all that is left is for Obama to sign it.

We hope the President can find time in his schedule to sign a document so that millions of Americans, who are not able to do so now, can unlock their phones.

UnlockCode4U has its arms wide open for the US and is willing to offer a professional service – as well as a concern for the wallet of cell phone users.

That is why we think that freeing one’s contract and being able to choose the carrier one likes is an advantage that saves us money.

With the UnlockCode4U service you will be able to have cell phone service with any company without having to move. Instructions will come to your email address so that you can follow the steps yourself.

The “country of freedom” has finally matched up to its southern neighbors and to the great potential of other continents, where unlocking phones is a normal activity and perfectly legal.

It seems that the last obstacle for this to become a reality is the President’s signature, and that it will not be a problem. A year ago Obama showed total support for this new law and it is foreseeable that it will soon take effect.

However, this is not a definitely law as it may experience changes in the process. For this reason, the law would be revised in 2015 and every 3 years after that.

At UnlockCode4U we are very happy for this advancement that helps competitiveness and benefits the user.