Monday, 29 December 2014

How to cut SIM card to fit phones with microSIM and nanoSIM

It seems that mobile service providers and manufacturers have conspired against the user to constantly renew their equipment. Not only because the smartphones and the carrier network evolve and improved, also because there is an element that has not stopped changing since the GSM became popular: the SIM card.

Can you still remember when you used to put in a complete card in the phone to have signal? When we say complete is that it was like this: the size of a credit card. Luckily, it was clear that size did not benefit the dimensions of phone, so soon the card was cut to leave only the area of the circuit. But it seems that was not enough.

Miniaturization has been a constant in technology, being manufactured all much smaller. Of course, mobile needed minimize internal component, so that the SIM is cut to microSIM size. And then to the nanoSIM, creating a problem for users. On the one hand, some carriers charge for duplicate card, so get one that suits the mobile implies an expense. On the other hand, not all operators have all formats, finding that it is very difficult to find a nanoSIM for, say, an iPhone 6. So, how do we do? Easy: cutting SIM cards.

Well, not so easy.

The best you can do is to use a SIM card trimmer size it t (microSIM or nanoSIM), also buying SIM adapters to use the card in mobile requiring more current SIM. By trimming the operation is extremely SIMple, insert your card, pressing and obtaining in exchange a SIM with the right size. But we can always cut them by hand, requiring a template.

With this template you will be able to cut SIM cards to the size you need. Simply print the template on A4 (just click on it to get full size), put the original card on the marks, define with a pen the cropping zone and cut using scissors. It is far easier than it seems; but involves the risk of disabling the card, so do it carefully.

We will recommend you to buy some a trimmer and Adapters:  does not much money and will serve you for the unexpected.

If you ever do it, let us know how it goes by dropping a line here :)

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