Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Most Common Reasons for Unlocking a Phone

Unlock your phone and Use any Carrier Network in your country or abroad :)

Saving is the main reason for users when deciding to unlock their cellphones.

Change of service provider freely, travel abroad or selling an old phone in the resale market are some of the other reasons.

Unlocking a mobile means you can use it with any carrier without restrictions. In this way we can freely choose the rate you want regardless the carrier network, contract mobile services to a local company when traveling abroad or revalue our old mobile phone to sell.

The recommended method to unlock a cellphone is by IMEI, because we keep the phone warranty and affects neither the hardware nor the software.

The unlocking service by IMEI from UnlockCode4U has the advantage of being an online solution, and you can unlock your phone without leaving home because the code and the instructions are sent by email.

For this service you just have to go to find the make and model of the phone you want to unlock and then choose the country and the carrier network the phone is locked to. The price and delivery time will be displayed, and from this point you just need to complete the payment.

Remember to enter correctly the IMEI number on the phone dialling the sequence * # 06 #

Any questions you have will be answered by our professional customer service team. You can contact them via chat, email or Skype. You can also write on our social networks Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. We won't leave you alone!

We remind you that in addition to the unlocking service we also have IMEI Blacklistcheck and iPhone Network finder.

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