Saturday, 13 December 2014

Unlock your Phone before Traveling

If you're traveling this Christmas and do not want to expend all your savings on your mobile the best you can do is to unlock your phone, so you can choose any service provider in the country of destination and continue calling, sending SMS or using the Internet at an affordable price.
The roaming rates apply every time we change the country and increase the price per minute dramatically for calls and also the text messages and access to Internet.

Although it is starting to be regulated in the European Union, the roaming rates still does not apply and the regulation of it outside Europe has not even been considered.

Fortunately there is an easy option to avoid these high costs: unlock your mobile phone before you travel.

Once is unlocked, you will be able to choose any tariff of any carrier network in the country of destination. Buy a prepaid card of a service provider in the country and recharge it with the amount you consider necessary can also be a good idea.

To unlock your phone by IMEI, is the only method recommended by manufacturers that does not void your warranty, all you have to do is to go to and follow very simple steps.

Select the make and model of the phone you want to unlock and then choose the network and country the phone is locked to. Enter the IMEI number you get by dialling on your phone’s dial pad this sequence *#06# and then complete the order.

At a guaranteed delivery you will get simple instructions by email on how to unlock your phone.

So Run! and unlock your phone before it reaches the Christmas trip to enjoy the parties peacefully without worrying about your pocket.

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