Tuesday, 7 April 2015

UnlockCode4U Reseller Program is now Up and Running!

We are proud to anounce our new UnlockCode4U Reseller Program for all phone wholesalers, retailers and small business owners.
Every client’s objective when it comes to phones is to save as much as possible. For this reason, unlocking a phone is becoming a necessity. 

What we offer you is an open door to our unlocking services so that you can introduce it to your business and we can all save together. 

Unlocking a phone makes possible to use with any company, and not only with the one it had originally. This allows the customer to choose the company he or she wants without any restraints. 

There are plenty of businesses that offer this type of service, but many of them use methods that are not the most effective or the most secure for the health of your phone.

UnlockCode4U.com carries out the unlocking through the IMEI method, the only one recommended by phone manufacturers. In most cases, our process does not use cables nor does it affect the warranties on your phone. And of course, the legality of this process is absolutely.

The advantages that you can offer your clients continue, as the process is so easy that the user does it and you will never need to ask them for their terminal.

The only things needed are to know the model, the brand, the operator and country of origin, and the IMEI number. Afterwards, we will make sure that you get the unlocking instructions that you can send via email.

If you want to be a part of the world of savings that is UnlockCode4U, and want to unlock  through the IMEI method, the only thing you need to do is register into our UnlockCode4U Reseller program.

If you want to keep saving, and offering more and more advantages to your customers, keep yourself informed and don’t separate yourself from the updates at UnlockCode4U.com