Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Five Tips to Network Unlock your Phone Safely

You've decided you want to save and you're going to unlock your mobile phone. Great! You could not have taken better decision and you'll see that when your mobile get rid of its boundaries will be like a brand new one. Hurrah for second chances!

Yes, it is likely that you have some doubts and you appreciate some tips before buying the unlocking service of your mobile phone at UnlockCode4U.

We have relied on our experience of 6 years in the market, to gather the top five recommendations:

1. Although it sounds too basic: Verifies that the phone is not already unlocked. It is very simple and will save you a lot of trouble. You just have to insert a SIM card of a different service provider and check if it works properly. If the phone asks for SIM Network Unlock PIN, it is a good sign! You can request your unlock code at UnlockCode4U.

2. Verify that your phone has not been blacklisted and if it is, remove it from the list. The only way to check 100% if a mobile phone has a lock IMEI or has been blacklisted for being reported lost, stolen or has unpaid bills, is requesting your IMEI report or by contacting the original network operator.

We strongly recommend you do it, because this type of security level are personal and will not be removed with the unlocking code.

3. Correct Information. Check a few times before placing the order that your information is correct. If you have questions, you can consult our FAQ, or ask us anything through our Contact Channels. Remember that in the case of entering incorrect data, the instructions may not apply and we may not refund your money.

4. Software and hardware in perfect condition. We remind you that phone unlocking is 100% effective on unmodified phones. In addition you need access to the screen and keyboard to unlock your device.

5. No fears. At UnlockCode4U we only sell factory unlock codes and they are guaranteed. Therefore, do not damage the phone and also in the case of being unable to find your unlock code, we will refund your money.

All you have to do now is to go to UnlockCode4U.com and get your unlock code. Enjoy the freedom!