Wednesday, 26 October 2016

WARNING! Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion Risk

Samsung is doing a very great job at recalling and replacing millions of Galaxy Note 7 devices that has been sold worldwide, this is due to the Galaxy note 7 explosion.

The phone was recalled officially in the month of September and Samsung started issuing replacement with new models, unfortunately, the new model also started catching fire early this month and this made Samsung to inform all its Galaxy note 7 users to stop using the phone and return them all. Galaxy note 7 uses lithium based battery which is also the battery most phone manufacturers use, lithium based batteries have been used to power our mobile devices for the past twenty five years (25 years).

Samsung has not yet explained what is wrong with the batteries of the old and new Galaxy note 7 but there are some explanations for the explosions, the Consumer Product Safety Commission that is working with Samsung said that Samsung Galaxy note 7 battery is faulty, the commission said that the battery is a bit larger than the space allocated for it. Installing the battery crimps the edges or corners which can therefore lead to short circuiting of the battery, overheating and eventually catching fire.

According to a former researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Qichao HU, he said, batteries are bomb that releases their energy in a controlled way, but as manufacturers get to greater density and faster charge, the barrier to explosion becomes lesser.

Another explanation for the explosion of Samsung galaxy note 7 is the fast charging features that came with the phone, this problem arises from the tweaking made to the processor which made the battery to charge faster than it will do normally. Lithium is the lightest of all metals, and it can be used to pack a lot of energy into a small size which makes it perfect for mobile phones batteries. Trying to charge batteries faster will make it unstable, that is, volatile, which can make it to explode anytime. If you drive or push an engine too hard, it will surely explode along the way.

The other cause of combustion is the battery management system problem, battery management system monitors the current in a phone and also controls the charging of phone by telling the phone to stop charging once it is fully charged. If this system is faulty, the battery will enter overcharging state and if the battery continue to charge in this state, it will become very unstable and can eventually burst into flames.

To have a clear idea on how the explosion could happen, watch the video below: