Monday, 7 November 2016

Are Moto Z Mods the New Cellphone Generation?

Moto Z smartphones from Motorola to give us a pick into the future of the smartphone industry. The Moto Z smartphones are futuristic in nature, they have great specifications and also bigger advantage over their competitors.

Moto Z smartphones have slick designs, fast processors, fingerprint readers and nice front and back cameras. It's also the thinnest smartphone ever made 5.19 millimeters with a great battery of 3500mAh. In order to design a very thin smartphone, Lenovo decided to get rid of the head-phone jack which means the buyers of these phones will have to use wireless Bluetooth headphones

So far everything above is more or less standard within the industry, however what makes the Moto Z futuristic are the accessories that come with it called the Moto Mods.

Moto Insta-Share Projector

Is a projector that can display images height up to 70 inches. It can be projected to the ceiling t also has an in built stand that you can make use of while projecting.

JBL Sound Boost Speaker

JBL Sound Boost Speaker is a great stereo speaker with in-built stand, the speakers are pretty much very good for watching videos, listening to music and good for loudspeaker phone calls. This speakers are very good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Moto Power Pack

This power pack Mod is a 2220 mAh battery that support wireless charging and add up to extra 22 hours usage to the normal hours. It is the most important of all the Mods because it is useful for day to day use, it also has a separate charging port, and this means that you can charge it separately while charging the phone too.

Motorola's approach to modularity is the most elegant you'll find on the market right now.