Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Can Blacklisted Phones be Unlocked?

Lock and Chain

Unlocking a blacklisted mobile phone is possible since they are independent locks. However, the unlocking will not delete the phone's IMEI from the blacklist, so you may not be able to use the phone normally.

Networks add IMEIs to the blacklist as an additional security mechanism that is activated when situations of non-payment, loss or theft of the phone are reported. This prevents the mobile phone from being used until the situation is resolved.

For this reason, the original network provider is the only one who can remove the IMEI from the blacklist.

How to check if your IMEI is blacklisted? If your mobile is blacklisted, you can probably surf the Internet and send SMS, but cannot make calls.

If your phone has other symptoms that you cannot solve, we recommend to request your IMEI Blacklist Report to check the status of your phone or tablet.

Whether it happens to be on blacklist or not, you can network unlock a mobile phone by IMEI in a very short time and quickly. Just keep in mind that in order to eliminate a possible non-payment, loss or theft report, you should contact the original network provider.