Monday, 25 February 2013

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Phone!

It's time to upgrade, re-enter the phone market and buy the latest and should-be greatest phone for your needs. So what do you do? Go for the next model of your phone? Change from apple to android or vice-versa? It's not always an easy decision with so much choice in the marketplace at the moment.

At Unlockcode4u, we certainly know our phones. Here's some guidelines to support you on your phone-buying journey:

1) Do I go pay-as-you or contract?

Deciding what type of phone deal you would like can make your decision either easier or more difficult seen as the selection of phones available on Pay as You Go can be relatively more expensive and therefore limit what you can buy. 

2)What do your friends think?

Your friends all have really 'cool' phones of which you are tempted to copy their style. Ask them upfront- would you recommend this phone? Could I do better? A friend's experience with a certain feature or lack there of could help you to eliminate certain phones from the mix!

3)What's your budget?

One of the most fundamental factors when buying anything is what is your budget? Can you afford a smart phone or should you go for something more basic? That iphone 5 might be free however the possible contract of 50 euro per month for 2 years is certainly not. Know what you can afford long-term.

4)What do the reviews say?

Some phones win awards, are called 'phone of the year' and have glowing reviews across the latest and greatest phone review sites. Should you pay attention? Absolutely. Do your research.

5)What are your needs?

Something important to keep in mind is what you actually require. Yes the Samsung Galaxy SIII has lots of new features and will allow you to access many apps at the click of a button. However, maybe you don't really use facebook, check your emails or require the latest applications? Keeping this in mind could potentially save you lots of money.

At Unlockcode4U, we are here to answer any technology queries you have. Also, don't forget that we can permanently unlock your old phone which will help YOU sell it.