Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Long Awaited Launch of Blackberry Z10 and Q10

After a long wait of over a year, the brand new Blackberry Z10 and Q10  have been released.  Launched on January 30th, the new phones have been described as Rim's 'last chance' after the luke-warm responses to Blackberry models in the past.

6 years after the launch of the first iPhone, it seems RIM have learned their lesson and altered the model to fit in with the more successful smartphone.

Features of the new Blackberry Z10 include the following-

-The phone has lost the keyboard function and is touchscreen.
-It has a 4.2 inch display and a removable rubbery back cover.
-The operating system is the brand new Blackberry 10 OS.

What are the reviews?

1) Globe and Mail
2) Amber Mac
3)Business Insider

What do you think? Have you tried the new Blackberry? We'd love to hear your opinion