Friday, 1 March 2013

Launch of the HTC One- February 2013!

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Last week, the brand new HTC One was released.We've seen several HTC models including the wildfire and desire which have become very popular due to their Android operating system, the fact they are very tidy and have built a strong reputation. Last year (2012), HTC phones accounted for 1.8% of the market. Will 2013 see an improvement for HTC with this brand new phone?

We've narrowed down some of the most exciting features of the brand new model:

-The HTC One differs from its Android Competitors by using new software. The blinkfeed which instead of having numerous icons, it has a stream of news, videos, social networking updates and photos.

-It is the first smartphone with a built-in remote control function!

-The new model has a 4.7 inch screen and quad-core processor.

-It is very sleek and weigh 130g.

Learn more about the features here.

Here's some reviews which should help you make up your mind:

'The Htc one x is a great device in terms of design, performance and features. It has all the apps and tools you need everyday and the battery is average (full charge at 8:00am- 20% on 8pm). All in all, its is a fantastic phone for the average and power users'.

'The front is more staid and channels the BlackBerry Z10. Look a little closer and the attention to detail is staggering — this is a product that stands shoulder to shoulder with the iPhone 5 in terms of materials and build quality'.

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