Friday, 15 March 2013

Launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4!

On March 14th, the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 was released at a ceremony in New York. The Korean Tech Giant opted to wait until after the World Mobile Congress to launch the product in order to build anticipation. The smartphone is aimed to outdo the iphone 5 which went on sale last September. 

The responses to the handset have been mixed and what some describe as 'luke-warm'. We ask ourselves, what does this phone have that the others don't and how many technology fanatics are going to rush out and buy it when it goes on sale in late-April?

Here are some of the major features and highlights which the new phone possesses:

-A five-inch high definition screen which you can use even while wearing gloves.

-1.6 GHZ exynos Octa-core chip.

-Software which can translate spoken language ('Samsung Translate' application).

-An application called 'Samsung Health' which can track your calories, steps taken and general daily fitness.

-Eye controlled text scrolling.

-Although very similar to the S III in appearance, the difference in weight from  that and the S4 is .1 ounces, the feel on the new phone is actually deceptively light.

-2600 mAh battery which means it has strong battery life.

The most highlighted benefits to note are the longer battery life and interesting applications. In terms of the outer appearance of the phone, while is lighter than the S III, it certainly doesn't look very different.

If you are considering purchasing this phone, it is rumored to be available from April. The price has not yet been announced probably as they are negotiating with phone carriers.

What is 100% sure is that unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be easy with