Thursday, 28 March 2013

What Your Phone Choice Means

Phone choices are plentiful as we all know. A new model, version, software update and design of smart phone is released every other day. The war between the big phone manufacturers is ongoing and this drives even further the multiple decisions we need to make. If only all we had to choose was the color of our new handset, wouldn't it be easier? Ask yourself five questions when buying a new phone.

Once you've decided on a phone, it has become a part of your daily necessities, you start to use it in a particular way and for specific requirements depending on why you've purchased it. 

Now, what does it signify to those around you?


“The iPhone became a status symbol because people equated smartphone with iPhone. It actually helped the sales of many kinds of smartphones, because people finally understood what a smartphone meant.”

Roslyn Layton, a Ph.D. candidate in Internet economics at the University of Copenhagen.

Apple products are deemed as the 'highest end' in the phone world with the phone being described as a 'status' symbol. 

Those with Apple products made up 32 percent of 15,818 users surveyed by Hunch in 2011; they seemed to skew older than 35, and were more likely to be female and have a graduate degree than people using other products.


The smartphone preferred by financial professionals, party planners and 'casual dressers' and users with a strong focus on email above other forms of online communication. The long battery life and durability attract hard-core professionals and lovers of simple phones.

The new Blackberry Z10 and Q10 was launched earlier this year. This phone is more in line with those of blackberry's competitors with touchscreen features and a brand new operating system. Will this change the perception of the Blackberry?


"Android users are proud pet owners (12 percent more likely than iphone owners to own pets) and tend to like comedy central"

Kathy M.Newman
Carnegie Mellon University

While Android users are more widespread and therefore have a broader profile. Android users are 86% more likely to live in rural area and 10% more likely to be male (when compared with iphone users!).

Android users are also amongst the heaviest app downloaders, with on average 35 applications on their mobiles. 

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