Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why unlocking your phone is worth it.

Why permanently unlock your phone? The reasons are endless, the cost is low and the sense of freedom is fantastic. At Unlockcode4U, we unlock 100's of mobile phones every day and the result is we have very happy customers who have more options.

Here's some reasons why unlocking your phone should be for you:

Increase the value 

When you unlock your phone you instantly increase the value of that device, the market is automatically bigger and there are more potential buyers should you choose to sell the phone in the future. An unlocked device is worth up to 300% more than a locked one.

If you travel or move abroad, there is no need to purchase a new mobile phone as yours will be sim-ready for any network. Thus meaning you can choose the network with the cheapest rates!

Warranty of your phone will not be voided should you choose to unlock your device.

Create more options

Change network easily and therefore get more competitive deals from phone networks with an unlocked phone. Moreover, you may have more than one sim-card in your phone with the use of a dual sim adaptor- this means that use within different Countries, Regions and Network areas is an easier transition.

Do it quickly and easily

Unlock your phone in a matter of minutes from whatever location and at any time you wish. There is no cable or complicated software. The unlock code is sent to you and you carry out the process freely and easily.

Permanent unlocking with Unlockcode4u is 100% guaranteed or we give you your money back.