Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nokia releases phone with battery life of 35 days!

Having spent years attempting to gain traction in the smartphone market, Nokia have reverted back to what they know best with their latest launch.

The Nokia 105 which was launched in March of this year and has an exceptionally long battery life, was designed with a specific purpose in mind- to target developing Countries. In such Countries, they suffer from intermittent electricity sources and therefore uncertainty in terms of when their phones can be charged.

The cost-effective phone (priced at £13 in the United Kingdom) has a battery life of 35 days based on a single charge meaning it is reliable and energy efficient. It is also aimed that the phone will be a strong back-up in the western world when smartphones 'aren't up to the job' or have issues surrounding crashing or dead battery.

Other features of the phone include:

-A full color display
-A built-in flashlight
-A speaking clock
-FM Radio
-Pre-loaded games
-Multiple Alarm clocks

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