Thursday, 19 June 2014

Unlock Sony Xperia Z2 with

Factory Unlock Code for Sony Xperia Z2

In a mobile phone market dominated by Samsung, Apple, and Nokia, it’s easy to call Sony an underdog. Well, the company might well have been in the past, but since a leadership change, Sony has slowly climbed the mobile device market ladder with success. The solid foundation was the Xperia Z, and following on its success comes the Xperia Z2.

Announced at MWC 2014, the Xperia Z2 presents a formidable challenge to the Samsung Galaxy S5. With 5.2 inches of display screen, a 20.7 MP camera, and a Snaodragon 801 processor, is sure seems like the Z2 can compete with the big boys.

The exterior is made of glass with a metallic frame to hold the body firm. At first glance, the Xperia Z2 looks a bit like the iPhone 4, which makes the Z2 quite nice to look at. The phone is a big one (screen size should have given that away). One key aspect of the exterior is that the phone is waterproof. Well, not to suggest you should leave it in a glass full of water just to test it. But should you be out on the beach and forget about it, have the peace of mind that the Xperia Z2 won’t let any water in.

Take high quality pictures with the 20.7MP camera, and view them on the high-end screen display that offers a HD resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. The quad-core Snapdragon processor is a beast, and with 3GB of RAM and storage of 16GB, you should have no trouble with gaming and multitasking between apps.

Sony Xperia Z2 Unlocking Instructions:
1.  Power on your Sony Xperia phone with a non- accepted SIM Card,
2.  Once powered on, you will be asked for a Network Unlock Code,
3.  Enter the unlock code provided by us.
4.  Your phone is now unlocked!!!! 

 Why Unlock your Sony Xperia Z2 with

* Unlock your phone from the comfort of your own home. 
* Never send your phone to anybody.
* If you travel you will save roaming fees by being able to use a local simcards.
* Warranty will not be voided.
* The resell value of your device will increase significantly as it is available to more networks.
* Easily switch between simcard, using the same mobile phone.
* Very easy, no technical experience necessary.
* No complicated software, or cable, just simply enter the unlock code we send you.
* The phone is permanently unlocked, even after updates.

100% Guaranteed to Unlock your Sony Xperia Z2 for any GSM Network

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