Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ideas to Keep Using your Ancient Phone


Give your old cell phone a second change. Please, stop for a moment and think about all of the phones that you have accumulated in your house over the years. I bet there are a lot of them, aren’t there?

Technology moves forward, batteries become useless, cell phones become too small, then they become too big, and due to this we do not stop buying more and more phones.

But there is more life for them other than taking up the corner of your drawer, especially now that so many of these phones are Smartphones with thousands of utilities that are still interesting.

For starters, when you are using a new phone for the first time, don’t you become afraid of using it as an alarm clock with the immediate danger of it falling and breaking? Use an old one!

Another situation: If for you it is habitual to play music in the bathroom while you shower… here again you can use an old phone in order to help yourself out. It is better to keep the new one out of the humidity and moistness, and to use an older one that you will be able to connect to WiFi for streaming music.

Now that we’ve mentioned WiFi, we’re going to review the things your old phone should be able to upon connecting to a WiFi network: Skype, WeChat, Spotify, Yomvi, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, Telegram… Should we continue? All of these apps will work perfectly: take advantage of it!

Also, depending on the provider you have, you might even be able to use it as an electronic reader. 

Nowadays there are cell phones that are tremendously big and if that is not your case, you can always increase the font size.

Remember, also, that is it likely for your “ex-phone” to have a working camera, something you can use as a security camera, by downloading apps that allow you to control it from any place in your home.

If you do not need or if you are not convinced by this new function, you can also use it as a simple picture camera.

In any case, remember that from the first phones with black and white screens, there have been truly useful functions that we have not stopped using as time goes on.

Take advantage of the calendar, the alerts, the notes, the shopping lists, the agenda, or even the infamous Snake game that surely your ultra-new, latest generation phone does not have.

Do you still think that you old phone only functioned as a paperweight?