Thursday, 16 October 2014

Why unlock your Cell phone by IMEI? (Without voiding warranty)

Free your phone from your carrier and use any GSM network

When we buy a mobile device we can do it unlocked, something that every time is done more, or through an carrier. The last option usually means several things.

On the one hand the mobile comes custom with some apps of services offered by the service provider and on the other one is usually blocked to the operator in question. In return we normally pay a lower price than we paid for an unlocked phone, otherwise we can pay in installments something that otherwise we would pay at once. In a cellphone of $150 perhaps is not relevant, but in one of $750 definitely, Yes.

However, when we already have one of these mobiles sometimes we want to use it with other carrier for several reasons: we have moved to another network, we have several phone number with different companies or we want to give it to someone who doesn´t have our same service provider...

To unlock it, there are most of the time several methods.

The first one is quite old, by changing hardware, and involves physical intervention in the terminal. This invalidate the warranty for any manufacturer since we have changed the hardware purchased. It is just like when we change the engine of our new car for another.

The second is by software and is less invasive. The problem is that often need advanced knowledge to carry it out and sometimes it is not permanent.

The third method of unlocking is the best one and it is what we use at UnlockCode4U. It's called IMEI unlock. The best thing about this unlock is that doesn´t void the warranty and is permanent. This is why it is used by your service provider when unlocking your mobile, but usually takes long time to make arrangements as some of our customers have already seen in person.

If you are thinking of unlocking your phone we invite you to do it with us, but even if not, we recommend that you always do it by IMEI, since you will not have problems with future blockages or loss of warranty.

Unlock Your Phone by Unlock Code

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