Friday, 25 September 2015

How to bypass the Pattern lock and Security Password in most Samsung Galaxy phone

This will work with most Samsung Galaxy phone.

This is the trick to use in case you have forgotten your pattern lock, your personal PIN number (4 digit codes) and finger scanner.

We will also teach you how to Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy.
****Please keep in mind that all your data will be erased ****

Let say that you forgot your Pattern lock or your PIN code, you also have tried several times different patterns and codes, and still no luck.

What you have to actually do now is to switch OFF your phone, just press the ON/OFF button and press POWER OFF, once your phone is OFF, you will need 3 buttons in order to put your phone in “Android Recovery Mode” , these buttons are:
    - The Home Button
    - The volume UP key
    - The Power button
Now you have to press ALL 3 buttons at the same time!!!

Keep pressing until the screen turns ON, and then let it go. Wait few second more (45-60seconds).
In the Recovery Mode screen, use Volume up/down button and Power button to confirm.

    - Scroll down to select  “wipe data/factory reset” and use Power button to confirm (as on the photo below)

- Now Scroll down to Yes to confirm by POWER button to wipe of all user data (see photo below)

And it will start formatting your phone.

Once it’s done you will see at the bottom of the screen “Data wipe complete” and now you can reboot your phone, press once again Power button.

The phone will start up as brand new phone, you will have to customise your phone again, and the most important, set up your new Pattern lock or PIN code.

Again please keep in mind that all your data will be erased (all your messages and folders etc) but as you have your Samsung Galaxy backed up in your Gmail account it will be easy enough to get you set up.