Friday, 25 March 2016

How to Know if my Phone's IMEI has been Blacklisted

UnlockCode4U has listened to your suggestions and here it is: we release IMEI Status Report Service. Now you can learn easily and almost instantly if your mobile phone has activated an additional security lock for loss, theft or unpaid bills.

Check-up of theft, loss or unpaid bills report is available to any mobile and its use is very simple. Different names: blacklist, block IMEI, Black IMEI report ... But always refers to the same restrictions.

To find out if your mobile phone has been reported, you only have to correctly indicate the phone's IMEI and contact details on the form. Once we receive your payment, we will send the request and in no time you will have the information in the inbox of your email.

In addition, you do not have to worry if your phone is finally reported. You can easily remove it by contacting the network provider to resolve the situation.

We remind you that network unlocking your phone does not eliminate this type of locks, which are personal security mechanisms that are activated by the network provider.

UnlockCode4U can unlock your phone even if your phone has been report. However, you cannot fully use it until your IMEI is removed from the blacklist.

If you need to know the lock status of your phone, we recommend you to go to a professional and fast service. We wait for you at IMEI Status Report Service for theft, loss or unpaid bills.  See ya!

For more information go to: UnlockCode4U